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Doors are often the largest break in a building's structural base, making them exceptionally vulnerable when severe weather strikes. Studies show that once a building's envelope is breached, it's common to see significant damage to the remainder of that building. With that in mind, staying protected from severe weather, pressure changes and impacts is no small task - that's where windload rated doors come in. By pairing the right door to your application, you can protect your building from tropical storms, hurricanes and even high speed wind damage. 


Wind load doors are engineered to protect the structural integrity of a building from the high speed winds associated with severe weather. These doors protect a building's structure by resisting buckling, bowing, and misalignment when faced with intense pressures. Wind load doors can prevent more than forceful winds from entering your building and causing mass destruction, including rain, debris and other harmful contamination.

Wind Load Doors Are Much More than a Higher Strength Curtain

An overhead door is responsible for two types of loads: A dead load and a live load. The dead load is the constant weight of the door itself, and the live load is the fluctuating weight the door is subject to, in this case it's wind pressure.


A common misconception: People assume increasing the gauge of an overhead door's curtain will better protect your building from strong winds. This is false. By adding dead weight to the overhead door, it directly reduces the capacity of live load the door can withstand. The best way to prepare you building against high speed winds is to invest in wind load doors that have updated guide assemblies, specialty wind locks, steel mounting plates, draft seals and other components that help to protect against high speed wind events.


The wind load is the amount of live load a door can handle. By investing in an overhead door with these strengthening components it qualifies the door to sufficiently handle greater live loads, resulting in an impressive wind load rating that will protect your building when a hurricane or high speed wind event strikes.

Warranty Information

-Customers agree to pay total amount listed and agree to terms listed.

-Payment of deposits and or signature puts customer in agreement of estimate or invoice.

-Door deliveries or installation can not be confirmed until electronic signature is provided on formal quote or invoice.

-Special Order Doors can not be ordered until service agreement has been signed and deposit has been paid.

-If doors are ordered in color it would take 6-7 weeks to be ready.

-If doors are needed to be wind rated it would take an additional 10-12 business days to be ready at a additional cost.

-If doors are to be cancelled a 40% restocking fee will be applied.

-Special Ordered doors, colored doors, or wind rated doors are not refundable.

-Payment for doors is due IMMEDIATELY after installation or delivery.

-Debit and credit card is accepted at a 3.5% service fee.



Select Builders shall warranty its Doors and hardware to be free of manufacture defects that appear within ONE YEAR of delivery date. We shall, upon notification, correct such nonconformity, at our option, be it repairing or replacing any defective part or parts.

This warranty does not include maintenance, normal wear or damage beyond the manufacturer’s control, delivery or REPLACEMENT LABOR.

          No warranties expressed or implied (including but not limited to a warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose) shall extend beyond the time period stated above in capital


         Claims for the defective parts must be made to Select Builders within the governing warranty period.

         The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties. In no event shall sellers be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages.



-Select Builders doors are packaged and loaded with care to minimize transit damage. However, due to road conditions and shipper handling procedures outside our control, there are exceptions. Small dents or dings as well as light paint damage due to wear and tear in transit are classified as normal and therefore not an approved reason to return or refuse delivery of the door. We will supply touch up paint but cannot accept a return of the door.


According to the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), “a common occurrence with rolling door products, under normal usage of such products, is the wearing away of the painted surface of the curtain. This condition occurs as the result of the curtain repeatedly coiling upon itself, and then repeatedly uncoiling, upon the opening and closing of a rolling door.” Therefore normal wear and tear from metal to metal contact is not covered under the Select Builders paint warranty.

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